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Welcome to the friendly and flame free anime discussion forum. We're a general anime discussion forum, for all things anime. Please feel free to talk about anime, and anime culture reference including J-pop, food travel, manga, and etc. Have fun,and meet new people from around the world since that's the whole point of why I created this community! Below are the general rules, which may change if needed. Any case, enjoy and post away. Also feel free to visit the links. I have first hand personal experience with them all, and can personally testify to their accuracy, and reliability.

General Guidelines
*Because there are so many anime forums out there, and because of the wide range of topics, and posting about specific titles may not get much response, as a general anime site. Rather than post asking if a certain series is any good, then wait a month for a reply, try asking for a general idea of what other people think of a series ^_^
*We cover every angle of anime including hentai. For the sake of keeping things work safe, please keep any such discussion behind an LJ cut and label "NOT WORK SAFE" in the title
*Please do not use this community as your personal entry site. No one really cares if you aced your mid term, or you had a fight with your mom. That's what your journal is for.
*This community is for general discussion of anime, but feel free to post images, wallpapers, icons or etc but do so behind a cut so it doesn't bog down the dial-up users. Sexually explicit images will be removed, the user banned, and reported to LJ SysOps in accordance with LiveJournal's Terms Of Service Agreement.
*No advertising, of online retail, personal sales, eBay etc... We're not here for sales. I will delete sales posts, and will mark them as spam.
*And most importantly of all, have fun ^_^ !

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