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Previous Entry Saikano Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 04:19 am Next Entry
Finally something for everyone. Today's review is

INTRO: A beautifully rendered story of two young high-school seniors in a rural countryside of Hokkaido. This is a love story of how their love for each other transcends and evolves to something infinitely deeper and binding. Shuuji and Chise, young and in love - find themselves caught amidst a war of destruction that needs to be fought. Shuji one day discovers that his girlfriend has been turned into "The Ultimate Weapon," an engineered weapon capable of destroying entire cities. Discover how Chise and Shuji, divert their focus of war, destruction, and killing, into love and strength.

CONTENT: This has to be one of the most unique titles I've come across in a long while. The war itself fades as part of the backdrop, and is rather unimportant as to who Japan is at war with an why. The plot is definitely character driven.

CHARACTERS: This is a love story but with flawed character's. No one is perfect though the Chise would be the closest thing to that. A lot of the people in this sort of get what they should, but I won't spoil the fun.

AUDIO: The audio being a new release was good with nothing withstanding, I'm not sure why I even have this field anymore.

VIDEO: The video was a typical clear non-artifiacting that is the norm for a modern release.

ANIMATION: This has a typical Viz feel for it. I'm not a fan of this style myself as it feel empty and bland.

MENUS: The menus were overly simplistic though this may be because this is the two disc box set and space was needed for seven episodes.

EXTRAS: The same applies from above.

COVER ART: It's a tad too mosaic for my taste and feels a bit cluttered.

ENJOYMENT: I really liked this series because it was something different from the norm. Sorry, I'm tired and don't feel like writing a hell of a lot at this time.

VALUE: For the cost, it would have been nice to have had some more extra material, but I suppose that's the price one pays for an entire series. Or is it?

VERDICT: With all sorts of twists and turns with a cast of people who are not the goody-two shoes that we're all use to, this is a title that will provide a nice fresh breeze from the average title.

13 Episodes,
2 DVDs Viz
DVD Region 1
350 Min. Dual Language
Sub & Dub

Content: 9
Characters: 9
Audio: 8
Video: 8
Animation: 8
Menus: 7
Extras: 6
Cover Art: 7
Enjoyment: 8
Value: 8
Overall: 8
Personal: 8
Tags: ,
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