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Amusement Park - Anime For Otaku

About Amusement Park

Previous Entry Amusement Park Jan. 6th, 2006 @ 12:37 am Next Entry
A total waste of time and money, here's an anime that's interactive.

INTRO: A great new title from Hirameki International, this is Amusement Park, an interactive bishoujo game for fans of hentai games without the hentai! A great game you play on any standard DVD player (also compatible with PC or Mac DVD software, Playstation 2, Xbox etc.), you use your DVD player controller to make selections as you explore this great story.

You're abruptly asked to manage an unprofitable amusement park. Being a highly motivated, passionate manager who served under the late owner, you and you're new (female!) staff of part timers must work together to bring the park back to its former glory.

CONTENT: It's been so long since I rated anything this low, I had to consult my index rating page to remember the color codes for these ratings. More below

CHARACTERS: What characters?! Oh, the girls, there's so little room and so little development that I forgot they were there. Too static!

AUDIO: The audio was choppy. The player does not have any speaking lines, it's text only while the girls spoke in Japanese and had English sub text which was ok.

VIDEO: The video too was very choppy and static which makes little sense to me considering the fact that they had an entire DVD to do this all on.

ANIMATION: I've seen better flash animation on Newgrounds.com that this.

MENUS: There were none, play new game or load save game with no animation whatsoever.

EXTRAS: There were none other than a creditless opening.

COVER ART: The cover seems to be the nicest thing to this disaster.

ENJOYMENT: I can't keep my interest long enough to get through the entire thing, sigh.

VALUE: Forget about it.

VERDICT: What the hell went wrong? Well everything. Enough said.

1 Episode
1 DVDs
DVD Region 1
Var. Min.
Japanese Lang.
Dubbed Eng

Content: 5
Characters: 5 
Audio: 3
Video: 5
Animation: 5
Menus: 5
Extras: 2
Cover Art: 5 
Enjoyment: 5
Value: 4
Overall: 4
Personal: 4
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