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About Animation Runner, Kuromi

Previous Entry Animation Runner, Kuromi Dec. 25th, 2005 @ 05:35 am Next Entry
An Xmas special post. Between packs of Pocky, I slipped this review in, enjoy.

INTRO: From the director of Fruits Basket, Now and Then, Here and There, and Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl. Ever wonder what it would be like to work for an animation studio? Kuromi just landed her dream job at the famous Studio Petit, and boy is she in for a rude awakening! The new head of the ultimate team of slackers, it’s up to her to finish "Time Journeys Episode 2," or fans everywhere will be let down. Will Kuromi's love of cartoons clean up this horrible mess... or make an even bigger one?

CONTENT: This is a stand alone OAV, and am not sure if it is tied to an actual manga or not. This is a story of a young woman who takes over as a production manager for a small studio with a crew of slackers.

CHARACTERS: There i not much in the way of character deign here, the post movie documentary on animation production does state that thee characters are pretty much in line with how real animation artists are, for whatever that's worth.

AUDIO: The audio came over fine on the new twenty-seven, though without a good home theater system (the old one blew up) I reserve judgment for later.

VIDEO: The video was a clean transfer and appears to have been traditional hand drawn cell in type, something we'll continue to see less and less of as time moves on.

ANIMATION: While they were drawn in a simple manga like fashion, it does reveal that this is a comedy and not to be taken all too seriously.

MENUS: The menus blew me back. They were animated, fast responding and well designed. and in fact looked a lot better than big ticket mainstream series made today. This is saying a lot for a CPM title released two years ago.

EXTRAS: The extras were amazing. On top of a ton of reviews, character sketches and storyboards, this disc had all sorts of extra goodies. One of which is a gripe below.

COVER ART: The art to this one is simple, though it reminds me of The World of Narue's cover. The keeper case is clear with a nice bright blue backdrop and Kuromi on it.

ENJOYMENT: I liked this somewhat, it's not going to be a fav, but hell, they can't all be. The only think I hated to this was that there was an alternate angle for the course of the entire series. This presents more of a problem for my region free Apex DVD player than anything. Angle one is the anime itself. Angle two shows the entire movie in story board mode. Problem is that with alternate camera angles my DVD player shows a camera icon that won't come off for the entire length of the movie, somewhat distracting.

VALUE: For nine bucks with all the extras this disc was a pretty damn good deal even if it had only forty minutes of the main story. It was great a great buy.

VERDICT: After all is said and done, it was a good buy for the money, not on the top of my list, but hell, all lists have to have a body, and this was a good buy. So why not buy it from Anime Corner Store, it's a a brgin.

Content: 7
Characters: 6
Audio: 7
Video: 7
Animation: 6
Menus: 8
Extras: 9
Cover Art: 7
Enjoyment: 7
Value: 10
Overall: 7
Personal: 6

US Manga
DVD Region 1
40 Min.
Dual Language
Sub & Dub
$8.99 Reviewed
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